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Durack art donated to roman catholic nuns

Durack art donated to roman catholic nuns

12:00 pm, August 26, 2015


Baltimore City Public Library

1400 Western Ave.

Baltimore, Maryland 21210

The work will be on loan to the Archdiocese of Baltimore

This donation is under the direction of the Catholic Charities for t포커 룰he Elderly (CCEA). The art is being donated by Scott Anderson of Baltimore, MD.

To d카지노 게임onate to CCEA in support of this art campaign, call 215-637-3560

A short article on the work.실시간카지노ed-roman-catholic-nuns-art-to-the-archdiocese-of-be-balt-md-7260066.story

[7] L. John Anderson Art Donation.


Court fines forest activist accused of illegally cutting trees for palm oil industry

Court fines forest activist accused of illegally cutting trees for palm oil industry

Published 1:10 PM, December 22, 2014

MANILA, Philippines – A forest activist accused of illegally cutting trees for the palm oil industry was arrested by a Philippine National Police (PNP) team last month, and is facing contempt charges for allegedly violating the law.

At least 바카라사이트two of the trees confiscated by the Philippine forest official, who 바카라is also a police officer, are illeg더킹카지노al, under local and federal laws. The Manila Municipal Court has approved the two charges.

The judge ruled on Thursday that the trees will not be returned to the forestist to be restored, nor will the Philippine forestist face contempt of court.

The PNP’s case against activist Jo-Jo Santos is based on the illegal action of two officials, said Senior Director, Operations, Public Information, in the Manila Bureau, which is in charge of Public Information. (READ: Manila-based activist arrested for illegally cutting trees for palm oil industry)

“We believe that it will damage the community and forest as a whole, and that there is a strong probability that it would harm the health of the area as well as the environment,” Director Jose Villagran said.

Villagran said the PNP’s operation to seize the illegally cut trees began when it learned about the illegal activities in August.

The judge approved of the seizure operation last week, and ordered the confiscation of “illegal” trees by December 28.

“I would like to ask this Court to keep its mind open and to let them know that these trees cannot be restored, and that it is a crime that is punishable by imprisonment if found to be in bad faith and in fact the trees were destroyed by means of the illegal removal action,” the judge said. –

Sydney kashima match postponed because of fire in venue

Sydney kas예스카지노hima match postponed because of fire in venue

7:03pm: One of Australia’s top-flight clubs has announced that it will cancelapronx its planned annual bash 예스카지노at its sprawling home ground, the Westpac Stadium, due to the incident with the blaze.

Stadium board member Brian O’Driscoll said the fire at the venue was under control this morning and had not caused any injuries.

“It’s now at the control point. It’s still at its pre-event stages but we’re going to hold it till around 9pm this evening, before returning to the venue.

“At the moment there is no risk to the public or staff at the venue and this is to be expected as it is a long term event,” Mr O’Driscoll said.

Originally published as Australia’s top-flight clubs are postponing their bash