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Coroner to get report on windang beach drowning case

Coroner to get report on windang beach drowning case

10:55 am: The deceased has been identified as Jain Roshan from Bhopal. The deceased is aged around 65 years. T바카라he police has requested the public to continue to vigilise over the family as a precautionary measure.

8:54 am: At least 3 people were in hospital after the incident on the sand beach of Bhopal.

6:52 am: The deceased’s body has been released from the hospital. He is an emp우리카지노loyee of Jain Varsha Limited. The deceased has been identified as a worker at the Bhopal windang- beach.

7:13 am: On Monday night a large number of people joined hands and protested against the closure of the windang beach, demanding a prompt report on the drowning case. The protesters, who were shouting slogans demanding arrest of the 우리카지노accused, were met with water cannons from various police personnel.

In a bid to protect the water-loving public, the Bhopal police station announced that the authorities would not be opening the windang beach till proper reports from the Bhopal coroner’s department are handed over.

7:14 am: Following a report that a drowning accident had taken place near Windang, protestors had reportedly forced the police station to stop the closure of the beach, but it did not deter the protesters who resorted to violent methods to protest the closure.

7:31 am: The protestors demanding the closure of the windang beach have reportedly gathered at the scene. They were led by a group of about 70 persons.

7:50 am: An official from the Windang police station said that the incident took place in the vicinity of the beach after the windang police station received a call about a drowning. The windang police station was informed after the deceased had turned up at a private hospital for treatment.

7:50 am:

The windang police station is also informed of the incident and is conducting a post mortem.

7:57 am: The protestors, who have made their position felt in some areas of Bhopal, reportedly set fire to posters at the spot.

7:59 am: There has been a severe water pollution in the area leading to an increase in the risk of drowning cases. The Bhopal Municipal Corporation and the local environment department also issued an alert for frequent flushing of the water in the area. Bhuvaneswar residents also complained of frequent flooding in the area.