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Origin trio faces nervous wait after surgery

Origin trio faces nervous wait after surgery.

They’re the first patients of this type to undergo a double operation that has left them facing a nervous wait after the operation.

The operation, done by surgeons at Newcastle University, allows doctors to transfer the head of the brain, known as the cingulate fascia, above the eye sockets.

Dr David Anderson, from Newcastle University’s Centre for Neural Plasticity and Cognition, said: “The cingulate fascia is a patchwork of nerves in our brain and you only have to squeeze them at certain points and connect the two together여수출장안마 – we think this will allow the muscles around the eye to relax, allowing vision.

“It works by giving your nerves extra flexibility in a par출장 안마ticular area and giving a lot of power to the muscles that run those nerves.”

The pair were able to use the technique to grow two new eyes and is an important step towards growing bigger brains.

To have one of the eyes removed, they first had to receive an eye transplant which took about two weeks.

The two new eyes are now part of another patient and the operation is scheduled to continue until they are both completely healed in eight months time.

They can already see better and some have been working to understand how the nerves have been put to use.

The procedure can now be done with a surgeon who will then hand off the body to the newly formed eye.

Dr Anderson added: “It’s been성남안마 a challenging five-month process but seeing these patients grow the eyes is incredible.

“To take them off, you just see a very big difference. They’ve had to change the structure of the eye to give it a new look, which has been extremely difficult, but it’s really nice to see how the structures have been fused.”

Dr Anderson hopes to one day look at how these new eyes might be used to help doctors monitor and improve the condition of patients being treated for Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.