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Body found headfirst in hole on train

Body found headfirst in hole on train. The body, wearing shorts and tennis shoes, had blood on its neck and the fr구리안마ont of his jeans. (Metro-North Railroad Photo/Metro-North Railroad)

Police released photos of the dead man they say was found in an empty train carriage on a Pennsylvania Avenue NE trolley car. The body was found the morning of June 28 by a Trolley Car Worker on the tracks betw24 시 출장een Ninth and 15th Street, the police said.

Metro-North Railroad officials said in a written statement that a worker discovered the body with a lighted light at about 9:30 a.m. The body was found in an empty trolley car on the tracks where it had been sitting for the past 25-30 minutes, the statement said.

Police said they found the body in a seat-and-bag space about 15 feet from the top of the coach, and that the woman was wearing a white shirt and white pants.

Authorities did not release information about the victim’s gender or race.

Police said the train’s operator found the body in a row on the trolley car next to another passenger who was on the train. The train’s conductor spotted a “mannequin” hanging on the back of the empty trolley car, police said.

The mannequin was believed to be “white with green eyes, light brown in color with blonde hair,” the police said.

The mannequin was taken to a forensic lab in New York for an autopsy.

Authorities said the body was discovered in the same spot on the same day of the death of a 30-year-old female passenger, who had a history of depression and had previously been homeless and had schizophrenia.

A Metro-Nort수원출장마사지h Railroad spokesperson did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment on Wednesday about reports that the two women are related.

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