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Police probe suspected arson attack on mid west school

Police probe suspected arson attack on mid west school

Sandy Lane, The Daily Caller

November 14, 2013

Four teachers are being investigated after allegedly being injured while trying to keep students out of class Tuesday morning.

Officials at the middle school near the town of Greenville, NC have released a report detailing what allegedly happened to the kids, according to WAVY News.

“It was reported that a parent of a fourth- through 8th grade boy who was in front of the fifth grade girl at about 3:45 AM got a call that the boy had fallen down and was still in class,” Greenville Police Chief Mike Senter said. “He came and took him to a trauma center. The boy was evaluated and put on an oxygen mask. The male student and the female student were taken to the campus police department and released.”

“I can assure the parents that the student who fell was taken to the trauma center with no injuries, he is OK, and he is a student at Middle West School,” Senter said. “He was taken there for evaluation and is now back in school at the바카라 middle school.”

Police officials said no suspects are being sought and the investigation is st우리카지노ill ongoing.

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‘He was never able to come home’

Murdoch Family and friends held vigils in Greenville

Sandy Lane, The Daily Caller

November 11, 2013

A memorial is planned for the two parents who were brutally murdered by their own young son and now there’s hope the boy will come home.

The family of 8-year-old Joshua Edwards, who had been in the family home, released a더킹카지노 statement saying their hearts go out to the parents and loved ones of the child they know are at the center of the horrific events.

“We are so appreciative for the outpouring of compassion for the Edwards family. As we celebrate this wonderful moment we know there is a little boy, who has been torn from his mother’s arms by some random person at the wrong time in our lives, who needs us more than any human being could,” the statement says. “We are very worried about the boy, and this is why we want the person responsible and they are gone, but you know they were close in family, close in home and close to you. Please, just remember all the love and support we can give them and we will.”

Sandy Lane and The Daily Caller reached out to several family and friends who attende

Interest rates likely to rise cciid:cobain

Interest rates likely to rise, November 20, 2013

U.S. unemployment rate rising to 8% as well as home mortgage prices, Bloomberg reports, January 5, 2014

U.S. labor force participation at a seven year low.

New jobs, higher prices, lower rates, rising inequality — a good sign! In the world of banking? This was a good start.

Dirty deal from JP Morgan that caused $10B in losses to the bank, while paying no fine to its depositors.

Wall Street’s profit margin from derivatives has shrunk at the bank and is now down to zero, which suggests they lost money.

A massive $70 billiapronxon SEC settlement with JPMorgan’s underwriter over its manipulation of LIBOR — the benchmark interest rate.

Investment banker Michael Novogratz admitted that he lied to the FBI about his role in the Libor scheme in a recent testimony, callin바카라g it “one of the most outrageous crimes we have witnessed.”

JPMorgan fined $17 billion to settle fraud probe, SEC settles SEC case on LIBOR manipulation, CNBC, July 8, 2011

Investor anger a바카라사이트bout LIBOR scheme

LIBOR was created in 2009 as a way to make sure that companies that made derivatives could sell to each other at “fair” rates, and the Fed created it in the first place with no oversight. That set off an avalanche of anger, because Libor is important: “When all the rules for the financial system were put in place, it came about as a result of financial regulators having to use sophisticated tools to make sure that we followed them,” said Gary Gensler, former director of the New York Fed.

When Libor came into force, it came with a set rate for all financial transactions that banks and other financial institutions were supposed to use. But once it became so widely used, many began to believe that a single firm, often as little as an exchange or a broker, could somehow control which terms were settled and which weren’t. Because of the way Libor works, the cost of settling costs of the process has soared. “Even one time LIBOR changed its rate, it could easily increase a company’s revenue by $300 million annually if a single broker were able to manipulate the rates,” said Kevin Fitch, CEO of Guggenheim Securities, a financial advisory firm with $30 billion of assets under management.