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Uni staff to hold protest at school

Uni staff to hold protest at school

Staff at a school in West Perth have been told they must remain off the streets for four hours until police decide whether they want to attend a meeting with students who are protesting their treatment by administrators.

The West Perth University Students’ Union held a meeting this m코인 카지노orning, attended by about 15 students, and the main hall in the school was packed to capacity with angry students.

Teachers were expected to meet the protest at the main hall about 3.15pm tomorrow.

It is believed that some of those protesting were taken away 예스 카지노by police and others stayed on the site.

Student David Beaumont said he had met a number of parents who supported the protest, including a mother who sent him a photograph of a police car driving away from the school.

“I’m not going back to work tomorrow because I’ve got to get the kids off the streets and off the property,” he said.

“I’m thinking, as many of these families as we have, the kids are pretty fed up with these kids walking around with batons and clubs.”

Mr Beaumont, 20, said if he was offered a contract he would stay on at university, but if it was not offered it was possible he would be forced to find a work on somewhere else.

“I’m just really angry about i충주출장마사지t,” he said. “If I don’t do a job tomorrow, if I’m forced to stay at the school, I’m going to leave at 9pm.”

Students at the protest said officers had already been telling parents they had to leave the scene and there were also plans to attend protests in the nearby city of Marrickville tomorrow.

A spokeswoman for the City of West Perth told the South Perth Morning Post some police were also planning a protest outside the school tomorrow morning to mark the launch of the university’s school year, but did not specify when or why.

The protest is the latest in a spate of actions by the anti-internment movement that have been taking place in Western Australia for several weeks.

The last protest at the school was held at 4.05pm on Sunday.

Students have been arrested by police, suspended by staff and forced to wear shirts bearing a number of slogans including: “We’re no longer being treated like inmates. We’re not being treated like criminals. We’re being treated like heroes.”

In response to the protest, former WPMU vice-president Mark Obeidi sai