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Arab ministers consider recognising syrian opposition to an invasion of Syria as a threat to international security

Arab ministers consider recognising syrian opposition to an invasion of Syr바카라사이트ia as a threat to international security.

“One thing to think about is that the Saudis are very determined that Syria be given the status of a state which has no ties to Iran,” says one Middle East expert. “What it comes down to is apronxthat the regime in Damascus is afraid of having to confront the Americans who they consider hostile – whether that be the CIA, the MI6 or British Intelligence – and that it might well look foolish for them to deal with a group of regional powers who are determined to force it from power.”

The US has long regarded Iran as a principal supporter of Sunni militant groups that are fighting apronxin Syria against the regime, including jihadists, backed by the CIA. The two states have already said they will not negotiate a cease-fire if both sides recognise the opposition.

Saudi officials have long maintained that the war is a proxy war to help the US win in Iraq. There are even allegations that US officials have been arming Syrian rebels in order to create the chaos and kill anti-regime opponents in order to bring Washington back into control of the Middle East. The US has denied all such accusations.

“If they [the Saudis] realise they are in such deep trouble that they can’t even afford to fight in Syria, they will realise they can’t be allowed to fight in Iraq with American boots on the ground,” says one American official.

The Middle East experts are particularly concerned that Saudi Arabia’s new rulers could back Israel into a corner to fight Iranian proxies in Iraq’s Anbar province that are backed by the US-led coalition that launched air raids on Iran-backed Shiite fighters in 2010.

In Syria, where a ceasefire is in place, there is a strong chance that the US will pull back its troops, leaving the country vulnerable to Iranian influence, particularly given that Iranian-backed rebels, some of which are Sunni, are fighting on the frontlines for the opposition.

Saudi Arabia has been seeking to join forces with the US-led coalition to push back Assad in Syria in an attempt to overthrow the regime.