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Piliga fire efforts wind down after 30 hours

Piliga fire efforts wind down after 30 hours

By Mark Steyn

Tuesday, November 12th 2014

PILIGO, Fla. – A Florida man is recovering from bur이천안마 이천출장샵ns he suffered after he was attacked during a firefight with a remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) helicopter.

The incident occurred while the pilot of an airplane-to-aircraft UAV was preparing to fly 바카라back over the region from a training event, according to Lt. Steve Bunch, spokesperson for the Florida Department of State.

When the helicopter went down, the pilot attemptedXO 카지노 to land the helicopter, but the engine had already exploded, Bunch told the Tampa Bay Times.

“There were about 5 to 6 minutes of the helicopter doing a full burnout, but they couldn’t do it in time,” he said. “It would have probably been more than 15 minutes on. The engine just broke down. They ended up having to abort.”

“We lost control of the helicopter, the pilot went up on the roof and was not able to get back down. The pilot tried flying the helicopter back, but they ran out of control and were in the process of coming down when he was blown off the roof,” he added.

Officials say no one was injured.

The drone’s malfunction left the pilot of the plane stranded.

The incident was the second in the area within a few days, after the firefighting helicopter was knocked out by an oncoming vehicle, authorities said in a press release Monday.

This time, the UAV damaged vehicles and houses, and the aircraft was caught up in heavy rain.

“I think we have an enormous loss of life,” Bunch said.