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Mining company says train charge proposals are unfair to people paying for cars

Mining company says train charge proposals are unfair to people paying for cars


The CEO of a mining company says the price of the trains and cars used to transport freight through Western Australia are unfair to people paying for cars.

The National Electricity Market Operator (NEMO) has proposed charging train users $80 a year to travel the state’s remote inland and regional towns, and $45 a year for people living outside the state’s urban areas.

The prices announced by NEMO would cover a full train ride from Darwin to Mandurah, Mandurah to Perth, and from Mandurah to the coast.

The proposed charges would also apply to the trains used by freight companies in the state’s cities, where a monthly charge would cover the cost of the car travelling.

The new rates, which cover the period from April 1, 2016 until April 1, 2018, include a 50 per cent rebate that can be applied until the train charges are paid, although the new government plans to end that rebate after two years.

The rail operator says it will also make a small annual surcharge on any goods or services delivered to the state’s towns and cities.

John Williams of the Western Australian Mining Association says freight services, particularly freight transport, are important to the state’s economy.

“Freight transport is a huge part of jobs, economy and our economy in a lot of places in Western Australia,” Mr Williams said.

“It’s a way of getting goods from place to place, people from place to place and we’re going to have to see some pretty significant change here within the next six months.”

Mr Williams says he expects some towns and townships across the state will be affected.

“It may affect a city like Mandurah a little bit, but there’s no way to say because the government won’t make the announcement, they’ll have to announce something else,” he said.

“We certainly w워커힐 카지노ouldn’t want it to be on every single house in Western Australia.”

NEMO chief executive Rob Moore was unavailable for comment.

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