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A buddy touched my gf ass wanting to have sexual intercourse uninvited with us in their bed. I did not respond straight away. Exactly what do i really do now? She blocked m

React to Anonymous:

She decided to have intercourse while a guy that you don’t actually understand was at the available space, now this woman is all hurt which you didnt react accordingly?

You may not require this drama queen dictating the manner in which you operate everything?

FWIW, i believe your approach ended up being better. You don’t have to find yourself in a brawl over the thing that was truly a situation that is unwise.

Morale for the tale – don’t have intercourse in an area with other people unless you’re available at the very least to an invite.

ETA: He must not have touched her at all without authorization. A right is had by her to be upset at HIM. However you all place your self in a situation that is compromising. If you ask me, this falls into the: Do stupid things, win stupid awards category.

You took your gf up to an accepted destination in which you had zero control of the security and also allowed some guy you do not understand that well to simply walk in where she ended up being nude and susceptible and touch her intimately.

Some errors can’t be undone. This might be one of these.

Get the very own destination, make it secure then bring your gf that is next here.

@Anonymous: risk – security and safety – should continually be during the top of the list.

Before a lady can feel other things, she must feel secure and safe.

Learn how to take control of your environment. I never went along to her destination, a lot of factors – We didnt desire to be in the obtaining end of some cannon that is ex-loose sneaking over at midnight to reclaim his ex at the cost of my wellness,

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