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Intimate attack is any task committed by force or against the might of another individual

Below is just a list that a few of the people we assist have discovered helpful in taking a look at what exactly is taking place in their relationship.

Real Abuse

Real punishment includes undesired physical contact, that might or may perhaps not cause an accident. Real punishment is fond of you, your kids, home animals or other people. Has your spouse ever:

  • Forced, shoved or kicked your
  • Held you down seriously to keep you from leaving
  • Slapped, hit or punched your
  • Bit, stabbed, burned or choked your
  • Tossed items at your
  • Locked you out of our home
  • Abandoned you in dangerous places
  • Declined to simply help once you had been sick, injured or expecting
  • Attempted to strike or force you from the road with an automobile
  • Threatened or harmed you with a gun

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