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Guide to H-4 Work Visa for Dependents For Your Needs

The H-4 visa lets you go to the U. S if you should be hitched up to a H visa owner.

The H4 visa is granted towards the family that is dependent of a name visa owner (partner and kids under 21 years) who wish to join the title visa holder in the us.

How do the H4 is got by me Visa?

You will need to use the steps that are following applying for H4 visa:

Apply online

You will have to fill Form DS-160 on line. Once you begin your H4 visa application, you’ll get the DS-160 barcode. You’ll want to keep carefully the barcode verification web page, print it, and carry it you have your interview with you when.

Spend the applicable H4 visa charges

H4 visa fees are exactly the same as other H type visas. Read more »