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Can it be Actually That Bad For Christians to Have Intercourse Before Marriage?

In 2011, a study arrived that showed exactly exactly exactly how over 80% of self-professing Christians are as intimately active as their peers that are non-Christian. But even though Christians today are receiving intercourse more than ever before, I do not think they are resting around from partner to partner. Rather they are resting along with their boyfriend/girlfriend who they truly are in a committed relationship with.

And it is that so very bad? After all, most Christians have every intention of having hitched towards the individual they are dating. Therefore whilst having intercourse with numerous lovers can be incorrect, what’s the harm in resting with some body that you are intending to share life with? After all here appear to be lots of other couples that are christian slept together before wedding, and additionally they appear fine.

In reality, where does the Bible also prohibit premarital intercourse? Aren’t here advantageous assets to resting with some one before marrying them? Would not it bolster the relationship you have got with each other which help you understand if this individual is “the one” for you personally? Will there be actually any damage in this?

Unfortuitously, i believe there was but the majority dating partners are simply unacquainted with it. Allow me to explain.

The Challenge of Waiting

To begin with, i realize why Christians battle to wait. In reality, i believe Christians today have actually a far more time that is difficult than just about some other amount of time in history. Why therefore? Well, our modern tradition has written a script that is compelling dating partners to check out. Watch any film and you will view it: a couple gets together, falls in love, then sleeps together as a manifestation of the love. Read more »