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Whitney Cummings: Rough Sex, Frozen Eggs, and exactly just What Chris Rock

along with her very first HBO comedy unique, “I’m Your Girlfriend,” just just about to happen, Whitney Cummings returned to the Stern Show Wednesday early morning to generally share what’s happening in her life today, including a brand new boyfriend, new intimate experiences, and an alternative way of putting on her hair after one thing Chris Rock thought to her.

Here you will find the shows from Whitney’s meeting with Howard:

An email From Chris Rock

With a multitude of acclaimed comedy deals currently on their application, Chris Rock understands something or two about piecing together a great standup set — which is the reason why whenever Whitney received some advice from Rock, she ensured to pay attention.

“Any notes Chris has for me personally, i will simply simply take,” Whitney said. Chris’ single recommendation to Cummings: Wear her locks down inside her brand brand new special. Listen in to “I’m Your gf” on Jan. 23 and you will see Whitney’s long hair are indeed down – a look that is new her.

Howard consented with Rock’s advice, telling Whitney he too believes she appears great together with her locks down. Read more »