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exactly what does intercourse feel just like for ladies?

Simply a man asking a concern. Just what does intercourse feel just like for females? We understand this can be a difficult concern to respond to in it is only a little difficult to describe a feeling, if you can not well fine, but here is hoping. I will be asking for just what it is like to really have the penis or toy going across and through the clitoris, labia, and in to the vagina. We ask in other places and the ones people let me know it either feel just like a stick being poked into you, other say it they do not really because it is way too difficult for them describe, plus some state it seems good. I will be to locate a myriad of different responses here please assistance.

Interesting subject. You are right in presuming you will see answers that are different as all women will experience this differently.

Physiology; Male equivalents to parts that are female guess the contrast to your clitoris and labia will be the simplest to compare. Caressing the labia would probably compare to presenting your balls caressed. And a clitoris is simply a super-sensitive mind of the penis. These tissues are the same while boys and girls are still embryos in the womb. A penis is actually a clitoris that is over-grown your scrotum are exactly the same as a lady’s labia over here come up with.

Explaining a beyond and vagina is much more tricky. Let us begin at the components which have no male equivalent. The cervix is delicate and it rubbed (I do, it’s like a tiny clitoris inside my belly :)) it can also be downright painful to other women though it can be great to have. The womb agreements upon orgasm, together along with those muscle tissue inside her pelvic area spasming. Perhaps the contracting feeling in your balls upon ejaculation might make sense? Photo that feeling, a little more forcefully, as part of your stomach below your bellybutton. Read more »