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Harmonizing conflict in husband–wife purchase choice generating: sensed fairness and influence that is spousal

  • Chenting Su
  • Kevin Zheng Zhou
  • Nan Zhou
  • Julie Juan Li

To promote crucial items to families effectively, salespeople must know the way partners act in concert to solve conflict across major choices. The writers produce a style of spousal fairness and test that having a scholarly research of multi-period household purchase decision creating. The outcomes reveal that the spousal feeling of fairness functions as an apparatus for modern partners to harmonize conflict with time in family members choices. Specifically, spouses’ sensed fairness mediates the partnership between spousal influence that is prior spousal decision behavior in subsequent choices. Partners additionally start thinking about their partner’s perceptions of fairness whenever taking action to restore fairness. Moreover, the consequences of sensed fairness are moderated by spousal faculties of empathy, egalitarianism, and empowerment in a pattern that is gendered.


The writers gratefully acknowledge constructive remarks and recommendations from Professor David W. Stewart, the Editor, and four reviewers that are anonymous. This task is supported by an extensive research grant (#9030957) from City University of Hong Kong.

Appendix: Measurement Things and Val

Fairness W: ? 2 (8) = 48.20, p ? 2 (8) = 31.25, p Distributive fairness: CRW = 0.93 CRH = 0.94

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