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In informal logic and philosophy , an argument map or argument diagram is a visual representation of the construction of an argument An argument map sometimes contains the key components of the argument, traditionally called the conclusion and the premises , additionally known as rivalry and reasons 1 Argument maps may also show co-premises , objections , counterarguments , rebuttals , and lemmas There are different kinds of argument map however they’re usually functionally equivalent and characterize an argument’s individual claims and the relationships between them. You may soon have the abilities to write nice grading essays, every time. Argumentative Essay Define. The netCDF software may be built to support simply the classic CDF-1 and sixty four-bit offset CDF-2 codecs (the default), 64-bit data CDF-5 format, or to also assist the netCDF-4 and netCDF-four classic mannequin formats, if the HDF5-1.8.x library is put in.

A title that conveys your argument could be one thing like this: The Hidden Genius of the Playful Cat.” This title is best than one that merely conveys your matter, reminiscent of Are Cats Good Pets?” or Assessing the Deserves of Cats.” Even these subject-conveying titles, nevertheless, are better than Midterm Essay #1.” As a result of your title will rely on your last argument, it is usually finest to put in writing the title after you’ve gotten drafted the essay.

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Light drinking during pregnancy affects IQ in children


For several decades, consuming alcohol during pregnancy was considered a no-no. Many neurological studies on young children whose mothers were heavy drinkers helped derive a  set of developmental and behavioral impairments known as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).

Mothers who are borderline alcoholic or worse often give birth to FAS children, who are impaired with learning disabilities, decision making disabilities, growth and sociability impairments, and sometimes with an IQ that falls into the retarded range.

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Acupuncture and moxibustion greatly improve chances of pregnancy when IVF has failed: Study

Most NaturalNews readers have anywhere from a vague understanding to a first-hand experience of acupuncture. But moxibustion needs to be explained a little.

With moxibustion, heat is applied to acupuncture points instead of needles. The purpose is to move Qi or chi as needle stimulations do, but also to remove cold from one’s system. More details are available from source (1) below.

In vitro fertilization is codified as IVF. In vitro refers to lab glass containers, usually petri dishes; in vivo is a reference to live whole organisms, from rats to humans.

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Eight reasons why pregnant women should eat chocolate

There seems to be great reasons why pregnant women should treat themselves with chocolate. This is because these luscious treats are found to improve a pregnant woman’s condition by preventing certain complications including pre-eclampsia. According to studies, chocolate can not only relieve a pregnant woman’s stress levels but also makes happier babies.


Dark chocolate can help prevent pre-eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia is one among many causes of premature birth which also claims the lives of many babies. This condition occurs in pregnant women and is often characterized by high blood pressure. When a pregnant woman’s blood pressure rises, this can lead to convulsions. It may also lead to blood clotting as well as cause damage in the liver. In some cases, pre-eclampsia may also cause the kidneys to fail from functioning.

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Spirulina superfood consumed during pregnancy blocks cadmium from damaging developing babies – Natural News Science

Research published in the Journal of Medicinal Food reveals that spirulina protects unborn babies from being damaged by cadmium exposure.

This is a hugely important finding because cadmium, a highly-toxic heavy metal, is routinely found in rice and other common foods. Even organic brown rice often contains as much as 3 ppm of cadmium, Natural News has learned from laboratory tests.

Cadmium causes permanent kidney damage and bio-accumulates with alarming speed because it mimics potassium in the way it gets absorbed and integrated into the body’s tissues. Even worse, cadmium has approximately a 20-year half-life in the human body, meaning your body will naturally eliminate half of your current cadmium load roughly every two decades. (Do not be confused by the term “half-life,” as cadmium is not radioactive.)

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Midwives improve pregnancy care and birth outcomes: Study

They often get looked down upon by conventional OB/GYNs, family physicians and other mainstream doctors, but midwives may actually be better equipped to safely deliver babies than the labor and delivery staff at your average hospital. Click at this link to find more info. This is according to a new review recently published in The Cochrane Library, which found that mothers who choose a midwife as their primary care provider throughout pregnancy are more likely to avoid experiencing pre-term birth or requiring outside care from an obstetrician during childbirth.

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Probiotics taken during pregnancy decrease risk of allergies in kids

Probiotics stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines and the gut. A new analysis encourages pregnant mothers to take probiotics during pregnancy to help lower the risk of allergies in their kids. Follow here to find more details about it. The good bacteria balance in a mother’s gut is passed to their baby through the placenta and the colustrum of breast milk. Probiotics are a great way to nurture the child even before they are born.

Since allergies and asthma derive from hypersensitive immune responses, medical professionals are now assessing the effect that probiotic supplements have on those conditions.

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Reiki and fertility: Getting the body in balance to increase fertility and pregnancy odds

Reiki, a Japanese energy modality, may seem difficult for the logical mind to understand, but that is because, in the western world, we tend to comprehend only what we can see. When we look at the human body, we see the biological aspects of bones, skin, hair etc. as well as the chemical components of blood and hormones. Researchers have proven that we also embody an energy component. Energy exists within each cell and between each cell – our subtle matter. This energy, when blocked or diminished, can cause imbalances or disease in the body, including fertility problems keeping a woman from becoming pregnant.

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Consuming peanuts during pregnancy may lower offspring’s risk of peanut allergies

As the rate of childhood peanut allergies in the United States population has more than tripled from 0.4% in 1997 to 1.4% in 2008, it was widely recommended (until 2008) for some expecting mothers to abstain from eating peanuts during their pregnancy and while nursing. A recent 2013 study published in JAMA Pediatrics helps illustrate the positive effects of a mother’s consumption of peanuts/tree nuts. This study indicates that a higher consumption of peanuts and tree nuts during pregnancy was associated with a lower offspring risk of developing the corresponding allergies.

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