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Due to Bill GardnerBill Gardner while watching cruise liner into the Balearic isles in Eastern Spain

“They drove us so we had all of the paperwork. All of us are set. We had been excited.

“We arrive at the ship in addition they have a look at most of the papers additionally the man states, ‘You can not log on to the ship with out a passport.’ We are like, ‘The authorities told us we’re able to can get on.’ Nope.”

How suitable it absolutely was which they could just stay watching once the ship sailed without them.

“We get back to the city that is port once more, and obtain another college accommodation,” Bill stated. “But we still desire a passport, therefore the day that is next access it the train and mind returning to Rome.”

Exactly just How at this time they did not insist upon an ending that is honorable the Colosseum is baffling. Rather, they trekked on.

“We got from the train and stepped into the US consulate. She went directly into get a temp passport while i came across a resort — our 5th resort in five evenings — and took all of the bags,” Bill stated. “She got her temp passport in 45 moments.

“She satisfies me personally during the Canadian consulate, but needless to say it is lunch break and shut for just two hours. At 1:30 we be in, but you are said by them need to have an image. At the consulate that is american simply take the photo. Not the Canadian.

“we get there and she takes the photo, but her machine overheats and won’t print the picture so they call this lady who’s about to close her little photo shop and. We wait thirty minutes and it also begins backup.

“Get back into the consulate. They state it may be a couple of days. We sit for five hours. No phone, no television, no baggage. There is nothing permitted in. Really severe about protection. We drift off regarding the benches.

“It closes at 4 p.m., but they let’s stay and also at 5:15 your ex calls the consulate in Chicago plus the man whom took care of me a days that are few responded the phone. Read more »