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My Wife Won’t Allow Me To Purchase PlayStation VR, And I Cannot Blame Her

In under fourteen days, Sony will launch PlayStation VR, hoping that some significant small fraction of these 40+ million PS4 owners make the $400 leap, and try VR on the system when it comes to time that is first. But they’re also attempting to sell headsets to current VR enthusiasts, people that could be lured in because of the pc software no matter if they curently have a headset mounted on their Computer.

I’ve written about how exactly i do believe it is just a little weird that Sony does not appear to exactly be placing the pedal to your steel in terms of PSVR advertising, also it’s complete stranger nevertheless which they made a decision to debut this $400 bit of equipment up against another $400 bit of equipment, the PS4 Pro, merely a thirty days later on. But this challenge has turned individual for me personally when I wrestle with all the notion of whether or otherwise not we also desire to select up a PSVR to start with.

Recently I broached the matter with my partner, saying I already have, the Oculus Rift that I was probably going to end up getting another VR headset “for work,” which would join the one. Read more »