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The answer that is simple Are meat birds man or woman?

The answer that is simple this commonly expected real question is: “both”.

Both male and chickens that are female utilized to create chicken meat. That’s the situation appropriate around the globe.

Unlike the scenario when it comes to egg industry, where only hens have to lay the eggs which are offered for peoples usage, both male and female meat birds could be consequently they are grown for meat and so are similarly respected by the chicken meat industry. This will be one of numerous differences when considering the two industries…. other distinctions consist of that meat chickens should never be grown in cages and completely come from various kinds of birds than egg laying birds (for more info concerning the types employed by the 2 companies see my earlier in the day web log: no cages for meat chickens).

That you buy has come from a male or a female chicken (they will look and taste the same), roughly 50% of the meat chickens grown in Australia will be males and 50% females while it’s not possible to know whether the meat.

Will they be grown differently? Do they appear various?

These days, both male and female meat chickens are often grown together in identical barns. Certainly, it is impractical to differentiate they are day old chicks delivered to farms around Australia between them when. But, from about thirty days of age real differences when considering the 2 sexes begin to emerge, and also by the full time they truly are gathered for processing for human being usage (that is before they will have reached intimate maturity), you’ll be able to distinguish between young male and feminine meat birds in a flock. Read more »