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Tech and Control in Ancient Rome innovations that are technological

Pupils view and explain Roman technologies and evaluate just how technology assisted the Romans control an empire that is growing.

English Language Arts, Geography, Human Geography, Personal Studies, World history

9 Photographs, 3 PDFs

1. Have students utilize the think-pair-share strategy to talk about the necessity of technological developments ever sold.

Today Ask: What do you believe the quote “Necessity is the mother of invention” means? Are you able to give an example that is concrete of from another duration ever sold? Have actually students think independently for starters moment, talk about the concerns having a partner, then share their tips aided by the course. Next, project the supplied map regarding the Roman Empire. Provide pupils 1 minute to see the legend and figure down what the color-coding shows. Ask:

  • Just what does the legend let you know about the Roman Empire?
  • On the basis of the legend, whenever did the Roman Empire increase to consist of Britannia?
  • Imagine you’re the emperor of this Roman Empire and reside in Rome. Read more »